Do you sell prescription sunglasses?

Yes we do! Although at the moment, prescription sunglasses are not available online. Please come in store or call us on (02) 8355 4646 to place a prescription sunglass order.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that prescription sunglasses will not have a graduated tint in the lenses, but rather just one flat colour which may vary a slightly with the strength of your prescription.

Prescription sunglasses are only available in three tints - grey, brown and green.

Therefore certain styles may have rose or blue coloured lenses with non-prescription, but if you purchase with prescription it will be brown, grey or green depending on the frame colour.

The thicker the lens are, the darker the tint may appear.

Are sunglasses available for Home Try-On?

Yes of course. All our sunglasses are available for Home Try-On. If the style you like is not available for Home Try-On, the stock levels may be low due to high demand for some styles. We get returns every day. Once they have been checked and cleaned, the website will be updated so keep your eyes peeled.

What type of lenses are used in your sunglasses?

Our sunglass lenses are approved category 3 – polarised, UVA and UVB protecting lenses. Whilst most eyewear brands charge a premium for polarised lenses, we provide them at no additional cost.

Are your sunglasses polarised?

Indeed they are! Polarised lenses contain a special filter which blocks intense reflective lights and reduces glare, particularly useful when outdoors.

It is important to note however, as it reduces the intensity of light it may affect LCD and LED screens such as your computer, phone and some car dashboard screens. It can make it difficult to view the screens, or at times can cause a hologram/rainbow effect on screens.

Are high-index lenses available for prescription sunglasses?

Yes, high-index lenses are available for prescription sunglasses in 1.61 and 1.67.

Can I choose the colour of lens for my sunglasses?

If you are purchasing prescription sunglasses, you can customise the colour of the lens. It's best to come in store or call us to discuss your options!

Does the One for One program apply for sunglasses?

Of course! For every pair of frames you purchase from us, you’ll help provide someone in need access to affordable eye-care. We donate optical glasses because of the range of economic benefits they provide for both the individual and community.