I really like your frames. Are there different sizes available?

Each style is available in one size only. To find the perfect frames, visit one of our showrooms.

My frames don't fit perfectly – help!

Most optical stores will make minor adjustments to any pair of frames for free or a small fee but at OW, we do not charge for adjustments. Opticians will sometimes apply heat to frames to make them more malleable for adjusting. Direct heating applied to lenses can cause distortions and damage the lenses, so make sure to ask your optician to avoid heating the lenses. If you have any other questions or concerns please call us at (02) 8355 4646, or email us at

What are your glasses made of?

Oscar Wylee frames are individually cut from premium sheets of high-quality acetate. Eyeglasses made from this versatile material are extremely resilient and can produce a vast array of vibrant colours and structures. These frames are complemented by some of the sturdiest hinges for absolute comfort and durability.

Where are your glasses made?

All the high-quality material used to create Oscar Wylee frames are sourced from manufacturer and then shipped to China for production. We share the same assembly and production lines that many renowned high-end designer brands use. Our founders have personally visited these factories to oversee the manufacturing process and working conditions. After each individual frame has passed its inspection and testing phases, we custom-cut your prescription lenses and ship them straight to you.