Reading Glasses

What are reading glasses?

Everyone’s eyesight is different, but usually, we start to really notice a difference when we get to our 40’s and beyond. As part of the ageing process, the lens inside the eye becomes more rigid and less flexible making it less able to focus on objects near the eye.  When reading up close starts to become difficult but you can see things far away just fine, it could be a sign to have your eyes tested.

Prescription reading glasses are a solution to this age-related eye condition known as presbyopia. They magnify objects near the eye, allowing you to read a book or do close-up activities comfortably without your eyes blurring or straining.

Signs you might need reading glasses

• You find that reading up close is getting more difficult
• Squinting and straining to see small print
• You’re holding things further away to read
• Constantly straining your eyes to focus gives you headaches or tired eyes

Are reading glasses and prescription glasses the same?

Over-the-counter reading glasses come with a preset magnification strength and have the same prescription in both lense. You would typically find these in chemists and even some department stores. They are less expensive but do not help with other vision conditions such as astigmatism and are not made for long-term wear.

Prescription glasses can be custom-made to give the proper prescription your eyes need. Not all people have the same prescription in both eyes, and frames sit differently on each person’s face, making the optical centre of the lens individual for each person.

What if I have trouble seeing things near and far away?

If you find you have difficulty seeing near and distant objects, you might need both reading and distance glasses or a pair of multifocal glasses. We recommend that everyone should have an eye test with an optometrist at least once every 2 years to check their eye health.

Due for an eye test? Book now:

We recommend that everyone should have an eye test with an optometrist at least once every 2 years.

Oscar Wylee offers bulk billed eye test, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for eligible Medicare card holders.