Do you offer eye tests?

We offer bulk-billed eye tests in all our stores with a valid Medicare card. If you are not covered under Medicare, our eye tests are available for a small fee.

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Do you offer eye tests for kids?

We offer eye tests from around ages 10 and upwards. This can vary depending on the store and location.

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Do you offer contact lenses?

Unfortunately, we do not offer or test for contact lenses at the moment, but we may do in future.

How long is the eye test?

Our eye tests usually take between 20 and 30 minutes. If any additional tests need to take place, the Optometrist will explain these for you. We may need to re-book these for another day.

Do I need to prepare anything before my eye test?

We will call you on the day of your eye test to confirm your appointment. If there are any special requirements, then we will let you know.

Make sure that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time so we can complete all the necessary paperwork before your test.

Make sure to bring a valid Medicare card (if applicable), any private health insurance cards and any current glasses.

Is there anything specific I need to tell the Optometrist?

During your eye test, the Optometrist may ask some lifestyle questions to get the best idea of how you will use your prescription. This helps them get the most accurate result for your day-to-day life. They may ask when and where you last had an eye test.

The Optometrist may also ask about your health and any medications you may be on. This will help with assessing the health of your eyes and any potential visual issues. This information is stored on your file and is confidential.

What can the Optometrist tell from looking at my eye?

By checking the blood vessels in the eye, the Optometrist can tell any signs of circulation problems or high blood pressure. They can also see the effects of Glaucoma or any reactions to certain medications.

Can you test my eyes if I have a pre-existing eye condition?

Certainly! We can check your prescription and your eye health. If needed, we may refer you to a specialist or back to your regular Ophthalmologist. If this is the case, we can fill in the needed information and pass this onto them before an appointment.

What equipment do you have in your stores?

We have a lot of high-quality equipment in all of our stores such as:

Autorefractor - This helps give our Optometrist an idea of your prescription by testing your eye's ability to focus. This also checks the pressure of the eye to help check for any signs of Glaucoma. The Optometrist will then use these results to fine-tune your prescription.

Lens Meter - This machine can be used to measure the prescription of your current glasses. As this is just to give an estimate, we will not be able to produce glasses using the reading from this machine.

Retinal Photography (Not available in all stores) - This takes a picture of the back of the eye and helps the Optometrist keep a virtual record of your eye health. A manual check is always completed during every eye exam and the results are noted on your file.

Visual Field Machine (Not available in all stores) - This machine helps with checking for signs of Glaucoma, a possible stroke or a brain tumour. It checks the central and peripheral vision to find any abnormalities.

Snellen Chart - This consists of different sized letters that you will be asked to read and this will help the Optometrist determine your prescription.

Slit lamp - This can be used when checking the health of the eye.

An Ishihara book - This is used when checking for signs of colour blindness.

How do I read my prescription?

Prescriptions are made up of various different sections:

OD and OS - Derived from Latin, Oculus Dexter meaning Right eye and Oculus Sinister meaning Left eye.

SPH (Sphere) - This is the amount of lens power, measured in diopters, prescribed to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness.

CYL (Cylinder) - This is the amount of lens power for astigmatism. If nothing appears in this column, you have little or no astigmatism that requires any correction.

AXIS - This is the degree that your SPH and CYL overlap to give the clearest vision.

INT ADD (Intermediate Add) - This is the addition needed to give clarity at around 1 meter away.

ADD (Near Add) - This is the addition needed to give clarity at around 30 cms away.

PRISM - This is the amount of prismatic power prescribed to compensate for eye alignment problems.

PD (Pupillary Distance) - This is the distance between your eyes. This is measured from the centre of each pupil in mm’s. This is not included in all prescriptions.

I have a strong prescription, are you able to provide suitable lenses?

We can provide lenses for a wide range of prescriptions including high scripts with astigmatism.

If you have a SPH (Sphere) value stronger than +/-3 and or a CYL (Cylinder) value stronger than +/-3.00 on your prescription, a high index lens will be recommended to you when ordering in-store. When you order online, you will be prompted during the checkout process to add high-index lenses to your order. This only applies if you manually entered your prescription details and not uploaded a picture or entered your optometrist details.

We will review your order before it is processed by our lab and may be in touch if we think a better lens option is available based on your prescription.

If you wish to only purchase the frames alone and visit your local optician to fill your lenses, order the frames as non-prescription.

What if I have an astigmatism?

A lot of people have astigmatism correction in their lenses. The amount can depend on if there will be any additional cost for your lenses. Head into an Oscar Wylee store or send us an email. Include a copy of your prescription and we can give you an idea of the best lens for you.

If you want to go ahead and order online, make sure to fill in all your prescription information including the CYL (Cylinder) and axis figures.

If you do not have a CYL (Cylinder) or AXIS on your prescription, this means is that you don’t have astigmatism. If this is the case, simply leave the "CYL" and "AXIS" fields empty during the checkout process when ordering online.

Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses?

The prescriptions used for contact lenses and eyeglasses are different. Glasses sit approximately 12 millimetres away from the eye, whilst contact lenses sit directly on the eye. Because of this difference, the lenses used can differ in strength and aren’t always interchangeable. For legal and safety reasons, we cannot use your contact lenses prescription for an order of glasses.

If you order using a contact lens prescription and the lenses are incorrect, purchaser agrees that Oscar Wylee is not responsible for the cost of a remake.

Can I get a copy of my prescription from Oscar Wylee?

If we have tested your eyes in-store, we are more than happy to give you a copy of the results. If you want to order online with us, you can click "send later" when asked for your prescription and then send us a quick message via ourcontact us form.

If you had your eyes tested at a different Optometrist and used that prescription to order glasses through Oscar Wylee, we would have a record of this on your account. Due to legal reasons, we are unable to give you a copy of this as we did not perform the original eye test. We will use this to help troubleshoot or if we perform an eye test, the Optometrist can use this to see how or if your eyes have changed.

If you want to place an order in-store and we already have a prescription on file, head into your local Oscar Wylee store and a member of the team will be able to help you out.

My prescription has expired. Can I still use it to order glasses?

Unfortunately, we are unable to use an expired prescription to produce new glasses. The eyes can change and it's always good to keep up-to-date with all eye health checks. If you order online, and your prescription has expired, we will not be able to start production of your order until a valid prescription has been received.

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