Special Offers
Special Offers

Special Offers

2 Pairs from $199 *

2 pairs are better than 1! Choose 2 optical prescription glasses with standard single vision lenses from $199.

2 Pairs of non-prescription sunglasses from $199 *

One for brunch and one for the beach. Select 2 standard non-prescription sunglasses from $199.

Kids Glasses: 2 Pairs from $199 *

Select 2 petite frames from $199. Includes standard single vision lenses.

Free Standard Multifocal Lens

Buy a single pair of glasses from our $169 range and get standard multifocal lenses included. Standard frame and lens pricing applies.

Free Digital Retinal Scan
Free Digital Retinal Scan ^

Digital Retinal Scans can help uncover problems with your vision that may not show up during a regular eye test.

Bulk billed visual field test
Bulk billed Visual Field Test ^

A Visual Field Test can be used to diagnose vision loss and eye problems, such as glaucoma.

* Our two pairs of glasses from $199 includes clear optical glasses with standard single vision lenses only. Our standard single vision lenses are CR 39, 1.5 index lenses with scratch resistance. You can upgrade to prescription sunglasses for an additional cost per pair. Our two pairs from $199 is only available per person and cannot be split between two people. Only one prescription can be used per offer. If you have a distance and a reading prescription, this is included in the offer as this is considered to be one prescription. Any prescriptions must have the full name of the person claiming and a valid expiry date to be able to order. If you have two different prescribed prescriptions, you will need to visit a store to be eligible for our two pairs from $199.

^ Not available at all stores. Usage criteria is at the discretion of the optometrist.

On the lookout for great value for glasses frames and excellent services?
At Oscar Wylee you can expect:

• Free glasses adjustments or professional cleaning during the life of your glasses.
• If within 1 year of purchase your glasses have any defects due to material or production faults, we will repair or replace them for you. Free of charge.
• Free Shipping for Australian Orders
• Scratch resistance lens coating on all prescriptions
• UV-proof coating on all prescriptions
• Stylish case and cloth for your new favourite frames.

Due for an eye test? Book now:

We recommend that everyone should have an eye test with an optometrist at least once every 2 years.

Oscar Wylee offers bulk billed eye test, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for eligible Medicare card holders.