Oscar Wylee has rediscovered and reworked vintage styles whilst maintaining the elegance and subtle refinement of times long past.

Our designers go through an intricate design process, incorporating contemporary design with classic and retro-inspired shapes and textures. Each frame is meticulously crafted from the finest quality cellulose acetate and passes through many stringent tests before it reaches its finished and polished final state.

Custom Cellulose Acetate

Our premium cellulose acetate sheet is a plant-based material. It is flexible yet strong, giving our frames massive colour varieties and durability.

Optical Lenses

We believe that good design isn’t just about looking good, it’s about seeing clearly too. That’s why we use high-quality lenses for all our glasses, complete with anti-scratch and UV proof coatings.

Traditional Hand Assembly

Our frames are made by skilled craftsmen. Each frame passes through numerous stages of production and hand-polished to ensure a glorious lustre.

Lifelong Service

Our customer service doesn’t end after you purchase your glasses from us. You can have your Oscar Wylee glasses adjusted or professionally cleaned in any of our showrooms for free.