Photochromic Glasses

What are photochromic glasses?

If you know of someone whose glasses change from clear to dark, they are most likely wearing photochromic glasses. They are everyday glasses with the type of lens that adapts to light conditions, transitioning gradually from clear, when you’re indoors, to dark and every shade in between, as you move into sunlight.

Photochromic lenses

Oscar Wylee Photochromic Lenses offer crystal clear vision indoors, darken rapidly outdoors, and fade back quickly. UV sunlight activates the technology causing the lens to react and darken. All of our photochromic lenses are spheric lenses.

With the adaptive features of photochromic Lenses, you can find glasses that complement your everyday, formal, and workplace ensembles.

Benefits of Oscar Wylee Photochromic lenses
• Reduces the need to swap between your optical glasses and sunglasses
• The lens will stay clear if there is no UV present, looking like ordinary glasses
• Adapts to the environment the wearer is in
• 100% UVA and UVB protection
• Eye health protection without obscuring LCD screens or 3D effect like polarised
• Available up to 1.67 index in single vision and multifocal

Transitions® lenses

Oscar Wylee offers Transitions® lenses that are super quick to adjust and have an added blue light filtering technology. Transitions® Gen8 ™ lenses are durable and long-lasting, available in true-grey and brown lens colour options.

Our friendly and professional teams are ready to help you find the best lenses to cater to your vision and lifestyle needs.

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