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Kong needs eye care optometrist supports eye care” title= eye care for monks
Kong might live in a different world, but we'd like to help him see that he's just like every other 8 year old.
Lim is an optometrist who works tirelessly to help the vision-impaired in Cambodia, but he needs our help to see that nobody misses out.
As a monk, Sokhoeun spends his life taking care of the village but at only 11 years old, he still needs people to look after him.
Students need glasses

Like any other child, Kong goes to school every day. His school is a little bit different to what you may imagine, but it doesn't matter to Kong; he goes there rain, hail or shine. He's 8 years old and lives in Kampot, Cambodia. His father is a construction worker and his mother stays home to take care of the family.

Kong's school doesn't have the same facilities as the school you went to, but he's just like any other 8 year old. He enjoys playing soccer and likes to read picture books in his spare time.

While your childhood memories are probably filled with trips in the car to new places and visit relatives, Kong has never left his hometown. Don't worry though, our charity partners are looking out for Kong, and with their help he just might manage to see a lot more of his own country, and the rest of the world!