Bulk billed Visual Field Test

A Visual field machine^ is a specialised piece of equipment that assesses the neurological pathway from the eyes to the brain. It looks for miscommunication between these two vital organs and can be used to monitor progressive conditions that affect a person's peripheral and/or central vision.

A visual field examination is a non-invasive tool that is useful in the diagnosis and monitoring of conditions such as glaucoma as well as neurological conditions such as pituitary tumours.

A visual Field test:
• Can take up to 40 minutes
• Is performed by an optometrist or trained team member
• Cost: Bulk billed with Medicare, otherwise $60

^ Not available at all stores. Usage criteria is at the discretion of the optometrist.

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We recommend that everyone should have an eye test with an optometrist at least once every 2 years.

Oscar Wylee offers bulk billed eye test, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for eligible Medicare card holders.