Blue Light Glasses

What's blue light?

Blue light is emitted from digital screens such as your phone or computer. Smartphones expose us to the most blue light as we hold them very close to our eyes.
Long hours of blue light exposure can be harmful to your eyes as it may cause eye strain and disrupt your sleep quality. Ideally, we should avoid digital screens 4 hours before bedtime.
If your career or lifestyle relies heavily on using digital devices, we recommend using Blue Light Glasses. We use clear lenses so you can wear it regularly.

You can add Blue Light Filter to any of our optical glasses.
Includes free Anti-Glare Coating.

Blue Light Filter
Blue Light Filter

How to add Blue Light Filter

Choose your frame

Select your desired frames that you'd like to purchase. Oscar Wylee offers a wide selection of colours and styles, so you can discover your own personal look.


Works for both prescription and non-prescription optical glasses. You can add BLUE LIGHT FILTER to any of our glasses for an additional $80.

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Oscar Wylee offers bulk billed eye test, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for eligible Medicare card holders.